Saturday, December 26, 2009


It is Saturday night and Chuck and I are home alone.
We are both exhausted but happy.
And Christmas is not yet over. We still have a trip to Toledo on Monday to share Christmas gifts with Lisa and family. And tomorrow is church and the day after a funeral.
But now - Saturday night - I am tired and happy.
Both Audrey and Kacey have written some about our holiday - but from my perspective, here is what makes me satisfied.

1. Christmas Eve worship was wonderful. It was a little different this year as our theme was the "Angel Chorus." We had 4 people plus me speak a little bit about why they are in the "Angel Chorus" - what it means to them that Jesus was born. And it was very personal and, I think, meaningful. At the end we had communion, offering and formed a circle. Then in the darkness, lit the candles. It took a long time for the light to go around the room which was different and - again - meaningful. I liked it. And I liked seeing people on that special night.

2. Christmas Eve we went to Marnie and Erik's and had some home made eggnog. I got to see Erik's Mom who would be there in the morning to be with that family as they opened Christmas present. It all made me feel good - this is a new family and they all seem happy.

3. Our Christmas morning was quiet and nice as we lounged in our PJ's and watched Mama Mia. I like the adult Christmas morning.

3. Chuck and I visited Erma in the hospital on Christmas Day which was a high for me. She is one of the saints of the church in the hospital with pneumonia and it just felt good to see her and be with her and Chuck and pray with and for her.

4. When everybody showed yesterday afternoon we were ready for them all. Our opening presents, dinner, opening stockings, and chocolate fondue for dessert took about 4 hours. Lots of noise and fun. I am so glad that we exchange gifts but we have a $20 limit per person so it does not break the bank but it shows people we care.

5. We did have a kids table and they ate their mac and cheese together and prayed together. It makes a Reverend Grandma's heart warm all over!

6. We have played games - like bananagrams, rummi cub, scene it and Bop it. Fun, fun, fun. but for Chuck and I it will always be Upwards that relaxes us. (we played tonight when it was just the two of us.

7. I think my favorite thing of all these days is just watching everyone in my family as they talk and laugh and spend time together. I am a blessed woman and I love a holiday like this when we get to be together.

The house is still a mess and I am very tired - staying up too late. But it is all worth it.


Elyssa said...

That sounds like a wonderful holiday!

tinylittlegirl said...

When you free from your stay up, hope you enjoy your sweepup just like your holiday.