Saturday, November 14, 2009

Morning Thoughts

I think this is a prayer.

I wake up on a beautiful Saturday

Thinking about the loss of my sister and feeling that pain
As I go to the prayer room I look out the window and see the house next door where my neighbor died suddenly this summer.
I think about a man of my acquaintance who committed suicide last week.

And I know that there is pain and suffering in this world and my world.

I have already read the Columbus Dispatch and its stories about rape, murder, war, crime. Our inhumanity.

and I seek to come to god and to remember the life that pushes through.

The life that encourages life and growth and beauty and creativity

The life as I think ahead to a great family Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration after that

The life as I think about worship tomorrow and preparation today

The life as I think of my family - waking this morning all over the country and laughing, working, eating and living.

Wake me up, today Lord so that I can see life in this life.

The life of love and service and engagement.
That life that sees, hears, and feels. Everything!