Sunday, April 16, 2017

Soar we now .....

That is the beginning of the 4th verse of "Jesus Christ is risen today" and I stood in a church sanctuary this morning next to my granddaughter and sang these words -

Soar We Now Where Christ Has Led....Alleluia

Today is Easter afternoon and I sit here at my computer and reflect on how the words - "soar we now" really speak to me today.

Yesterday I returned from an amazing family trip to Bluff Utah.  The occasion was our celebration of the 70th birthday of my brother Wayne.  Chuck and I joined Wayne and Gail, my brother Geoff and his wife Vicky and Wayne's daughters Elyssa and Hannah and their families for a wonderful week in the American southwest.

There were twelve of us who ranged in age from 4 to 81 and we ate together, talked, played games, celebrated the birthday, hiked, took pictures, and rafted together.  I had no idea what the week would bring, but it was just an opportunity to "soar" together in learning about native American rock art, see vistas of canyons, bluffs, ridges, mountains and boulders that were almost transcendent and experience a magnificent river rafting experience that was unforgettable.

 We first saw examples of "Rock Art" Monday morning guided by a gentle and wise  man named Joe who has spent a life discovering and documenting these primitive drawings that gave us a glimpse into life for native americans thousands of years ago.  .  Later when we went on our rafting trip we saw more panels that were simply fascinating.

On Tuesday we did a lot of exploring the area and seeing the natural vistas and the canyons. I knew as I was taking pictures that they would not be able to capture the wonder and the grandeur of it all but here are a few.

Wednesday was our rafting trip that was a gift to us from my brother Wayne.  It was peaceful at times and thrilling at other times.  Not only were we awed by seeing the canyons up close but also the wildlife - sheep, burros, ravens, an egret.   Often when we were driving or walking or on the river the song "How Great Thou Art" welled up in me as my soul soared and sang at the beauty of this land.

I am  home again and after church spent some time at Innis Woods metro park with Marnie and her family.  And again - in the beauty of the flowers and the trees and the blue skies and my grandchildren - my spirit soars.

It is Easter Day and the tomb is empty and Christ is Risen.

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