Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A New Mantra

I write this quickly today as I am leaving in 10 minutes to do a funeral.  I got the call when I was in New Mexico and knew I would be home in time to meet with the family which I did yesterday.

The family was the daughter of an 80 year old man who died of COPD from a lifetime of smoking.  He was - like all of us - ordinary - a  man who drove a truck and cared about his home, his family, his pets. And he was - like all of us - a man with opportunities for goodness that will be remembered well beyond his lifetime.  He and his wife were unable to conceive a child and adopted his daughter when she was five years old.  He then became - in her words - "the best daddy in the world."  She is grieving mightily and at the same time exhausted from caring for him physically and emotionally.
This is the way it is.

So, I spent a little time praying this morning for all who are grieving - and I can think of many.  I opened my Richard Rohr book and happened upon an underlining that really speaks to me.  I think it is a good mantra for today - and maybe forever


I am blessed to be able at times to be part of the celebration of a person's life. What I keep learning is that whatever we see in the moment is partial - but it helps me to know that God is always at work.
I can trust in God's goodness and that there is always more to see and experience in this life that I have been given.

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