Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Back in Ohio Again

      There is too much to write after more than two weeks away from this blog.  I have been on both a Caribbean Cruise and a trip to Phoenix where I went to an Enneagram Conference.  So, there is much that has happened - rest and relaxation, trips to exotic places, the blessing of friends and family and intellectual inspiration.  Plus through it all I remain fascinated, perplexed, and disturbed by what is happening with the Trump administration.

But for now I will just reflect on the blessing of the cruise.  We traveled on Holland American and spent the extra $$$ to have a balcony and it was ALL GOOD.  There is something so freeing about getting up in the morning and sitting with a cup of coffee and looking out on the endless sky and the mysterious sea beneath.  I wrote every day and felt blessed by the opportunities that the whole cruise provided.

One of the most different offerings on this cruise was "Lincoln Center" which was a string quartet that played almost every day with piano accompaniment.  I could not get over how much I loved and was transported by these wonderful musicians.  There is something that touches my soul in classical music and with the strings that is beyond words.  So, their concerts were among the highlights of the trip for me.

We did the things we love to do - reading,  playing cards and games, playing trivia and of course, eating delicious meals.  And of course, with no schedule and often  in a most beautiful setting at the top deck of the ship.

My favorite port in the eastern Caribbean is San Juan Puerto Rico and Marsha and I walked and walked in the city.  I loved that we frequently just stopped and sat on a bench and looked out at the beauty of this island.  I have a favorite store that is the "Poet's Passage" and found it again this year. I believe it is owned by Lady Lee Andrews whose books of poetry and sayings and poems are throughout the store.   I bought two tiles which are wonderful souvenirs reminding me of the gift of writing. In the past I bought tiles that said this:

"You have to love a lot to write a little.

" True love is A friend That walks with you
   When you need to see the rain.

I have had them in my office at church and now in my prayer room at home.  I have added two more:

" "Faith is brightest in the dark.
And, Light has Called my Name

"Patience makes Love rich."

The second one really speaks to me as I continue in my marriage to Chuck after 21 years.  If there is anything I keep learning - it is that patience is really what makes everything work.  And it is in the slowing down, waiting and reflecting that I realize how blessed I am - not only with him but with this life I have been given.  But patience continues to be my "growing edge."

Anyway, more later about more.  But for now I celebrate a wonderful week away.



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