Friday, October 28, 2016

"I am corruptible"

   Yesterday was the Healthy Boundaries training and it went very well.  At the beginning one of the people expressed dismay at the fact that there are people in leadership who violate boundaries with parishioners.  And we all have stories of times in which we have heard of or experienced what happens when a minister crosses the line with sexual or financial impropriety.

  At the end of the day together which included watching videos and discussion of how it is the people do step over the line one of the ministers said  "I am corruptible."  And that - to me - really said it all.  That is where our power is - when we know who we are.  That is when we start to build a life with check and balances and a sense of accountability and a deeper awareness.

Interestingly, I have been listening to a CD of Pema Chodren about "Happiness" and she uses such different language than we do in Christianity.  but the bottom message is that our happiness comes when we make the choice that lead to life and not to death.  And living in the reality - that I am corruptible and so I need help to choose and forgiveness for when I chose wrong. Whenever I get into that place of constant self denigration about the bad choices that I make at times I find comfort remembering the words of Maya Angelou "When You know Better, You Do Better."

However in the midst of the life that I live now - as happy as I am - and I am VERY happy these days - there is the truth that I always know - that I am corruptible.  I write this on a Friday afternoon as my husband continues in his latest passion - making molasses cookies.  And here I sit smelling them and wanting them and knowing that "I am corruptible" and also needing to lose weight.


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