Saturday, April 30, 2016

Walking the Race

For the fourth time, Kim Veatch and I signed up to do the cap city marathon - not the half marathon the quarter which is 6+ miles.  Unfortunately  - and as usual - I did not "train" or even walk much beforehand  and wondered if I was up to it this year.  After all, I was also a year older than last year.

So, I had a thought that rather than not do it - we might try the 5K - 3+ miles.  Kim had pulled a muscle and was willing to go along.  So, we did it.  The 5K.  And we walked it in under an hour and talked the whole time and it was truly no big deal.

And I learned that I don't want to do it again.  Next year we need to go back to the quarter.  Because I missed feeling really tired and spent and like I had accomplished something.  After the race we had fruit, bagels, free wine and pizza.  It is a party - but it felt distinctly different for me because I missed out on that feeling of achievement.

My daughter Marnie did the half marathon - and trained well for it.  This was not her first, but her fastest.  And she ran it without a friend or sister to talk to.  She did it on her own and I could see the satisfaction that she felt and certainly I know that she knows that I am PROUD of her.

I told Kim that I am signing up for next year and maybe this time I will train for it.  And get that high that you only get when you stretch yourself and do something hard.

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