Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Fun may be a very important spiritual discipline. I sit in the lobby at the Great Wolf Lodge and marvel at the way this place encourages fun for all ages.

Kacey invited me join her and Alyse and Jackson for an overnight last night and I was happy to go along, not knowing what I was getting into. And it really has been 24 hours of fun.

First of all, we have a wonderful room with separate bedrooms forme and the kids and a little living room. But most helpful is that everyone gets a wristband that works as an electronic key to get into the room and for Kacey it is a credit card! In addition we can go swimming wearing it!  This is amazing technology!

There is a water park that is the heart of the lodge and it has something for everyone.  I enjoyed the wave pool, the hot tub and floating on a tube down the lazy river. Jackson has been playing basketball and running under fountains and doing some water slides with his sister. Alyse said she was going to do  all the water slides 5 times. So much fun!

But there is more there are games on every floor. It is hard to describe: the kids buy a wand and go around and solve puzzles. 

And so last evening after swimming, they roamed around the lodge while kacey and I sat and enjoyed a glass of wine at the bar. Truly something for everyone!

And so, I get to be with them and have my kind of fun which includes water, wine and just hanging out.
I do believe that an important part of family life and life itself involved intentionally planning fun times.

And true confession, sometimes I forget how necessary FUN is to the life GOD desires for all of us. 

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