Saturday, April 20, 2013

Monastery of the Heart

Two weeks ago I joined an online community at the website "Monastery of the Heart."

This is for spiritual seekers/ searchers. Which I always have been and always will be. We are reading through a book by Joan Chittister called The Monastery of the Heart.

Most every day I read a chapter - the first week it was the introduction - reading the same thing every day. This week it is chapter one - which is called "A Gentle Invitation." Here is a quote from it

life grows us more and more -
but only if we wrestle daily
with its ever-daily meaning for us.

Today I find myself thinking about the two young men who bombed the Boston Marathon. Apparently they acted alone and now one is dead and the other is in custody. I read both online and in the paper today with great interest about them. So many people were surprised by their participation in this event. Perhaps something happened during the 6 months that the older brother was in Russia - he was "radicalized."

All this makes me realize how what we put into our minds can so often change us. As a pastor I believe that God is continually wanting to convert us - and make us more Christlike. And therefore we read the Bible, pray, come together, serve together and all of these actions help to remind us of this more spiritual way of life.

In a conversation with someone yesterday I said that one thing I have learned is how "fragile" we all are (speaking for myself, especially!) - both physically, spiritually and mentally. It really does not take much to debilitate us - a car accident, a difficult death, influence by media or friends.

Anyway, this chapter ends with these words:

"Listen," the Rule says,
"If you hear God's voice today,
do not harden your hearts."

I am listening. For love, for understanding, for edification.
I am listening. For God

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