Monday, February 18, 2013

Morning Prayers : Healing the deepest hurts

This season I start the day at 8 AM in the sanctuary for a half hour of contemplative prayer.

We have a reading to start, light candles, play some reiki music and sit in silence.
This morning it was me, Ruthie and Gerrie. We come sometimes just waking up or sometimes already in the middle of a busy morning. But we come.

This morning the reading was about Jesus who healed paralytic man and forgave his sins. (Mark 2) One of the points of the reading was that the healing of Jesus was more than the symptoms and went deeper to whatever is beneath them.
The reflection question was: what have you been praying for? What deeper issues might God need to address before resolving your "surface" request?

And the focus - Make every effort in your time of prayer to bring all matters to God, including the hidden herts of your life. Allow God to speak into them, and drust that divine wisdom guides God's healing.

This really speaks to me of the value of contemplative prayer. I think that in our busyness we tamp down what is really hurting us and keep moving. Often then, there can be some physical manifestation of the stress - like back pain, hemorrhoids, weight gain, sleeplessness, skin issues. And we deal with them but fail to really see what is going on within ourselves.

In prayer I come and ask God to reveal to me those hurts and work within those places that we want to avoid or deny.

Here was the closing prayer today

O Lord, we bring our herts, fears, and life situations before you, we acknowledge that you see deeper and know more clearly; therefore, help us graciously accept your work of healing, affirming that you treat more than the symptoms. Amen.

I am grateful for the prayers of this morning that help me to face my need of God's deepest healing.

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