Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday

The beginning of the season of Lent - that we can call the journey to the cross.
The journey.

Every year is different and I look forward to this season more and more every year.

I just finished putting together the powerpoint for our service tonight. And Melissa just left and the sanctuary is ready.
I have already given ashes to 7 women at Oakleaf retirement community this morning. It is such a meaningful symbol of faith - putting a mark on our foreheads as an act of humility and witnessing to God.

And so, we begin again a holy time that is set apart for the practice of our faith. I have been leading a small group on the subject "Embracing and Adult Faith" with videos by Marcus Borg. This past week the subject was our practices that guide us into a deeper connection with God.
I am not particularly disciplined and so a finite amount of time to do something works very well for me.
This morning I began the day with contemplative prayer in the sanctuary. I can do it very well at home but it is so much more powerful to do it here at a prescribed time with whoever shows up. One of the learnings from Sunday night was that there is a different energy when 2 or 3 are gathered together.

But even still I sat there this morning with my mind going all over the place. But I sat there. I practiced. And it is the beginning.

My prayer is that I might be open and ready for whatever is next.
May it be so.

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