Friday, August 10, 2012

The blessing of silence

It is impossible to explain. You have to experience it. One of the clearest ways in which God speaks is in silence.

And to experience a week of silence is a gift beyond words.

Today I sit in what is called to rose room and just close my eyes and pray in the silence.

My prayers are different on the 5th day of a time like this...I don't know how exactly, more peace perhaps...more comfort...but different.

I pray for my family and for people at church...Pat and Luanne and June and the Scott family.

And I pray so many prayers of gratitude for Gods work in my life and in this world.

Most of all, I pray that I might receive today ....this has been a week of "going deeper" and what Inhave learned is that going deeper involves preparing myself by stripping away what gets in thenway of receiving.

The grace...the healing...the love...the guidance

It is there for me and for all


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