Wednesday, August 29, 2012

After School Activities

I am sitting in marnie's dining room with Addie. I picked Reagan and Addie up from school today because their regular babysitter had an emergency.

When we got to their house we looked at the list on the table for them.
Both girls have to "do all homework" and then help with laundry, set table and finally relax and have fun.

What I have learned is that Addie has a lot of homework. first she had to read for 20 minutes ....both Reagan and I sat reading while she did. I finally finished Diana butler bass book "Christianity after religion" which was kind of a disappointment at the end. It was a good book in describing how our religious lives have deconstructed...everything is changing. But I did not really see what remains. But that is another blog

Right now Addie next assignment is to write for 10 minutes. Her topic assigned is "sick.". She proposed to write about going to Macdonalds and ordering food that everyone calls "sick" and then everyone gets sick. I guess that is okay when you are 7, she then has math to do after that.

Reagan only had 10 minutes of reading which she did immediately.

Now while I am writing solidarity to Addie who is writing, Reagan is playing on her brand new IPod.

So, this is their life everyday. I don't remember doing any homework when I was in grade school....but I also did not have the temptation of I Pods and computers and tv that these kids have. I remember playing outside with kids in the neighborhood. I also had a Mom at home

Then I think about when my kids were this age and wonder what they were doing in the afternoon. I know I did not have the level of organization that Marnie has.

Anyway, this afternoon is a blessing as I help guide Addie in shaping a story about throwing up at Macdonalds

Glad to be pArt of their lives and know that we are all trying to do the best we can as life and roles continue to evolve.

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