Friday, January 20, 2012

Prayer on the Phone

I pray on the phone more now than ever.

This morning I prayed with three people on the phone.
The first was Addie, my granddaughter. Marnie called to talk to check up on me
(I have a bad cold again!) and then said that Addie was home sick. And would I pray with her. Which I did and afterward prompted the Amen from her. It was very sweet.

And then a woman I didn't know called the church seeking prayer. I talked to her for quite a while about her situation - 5 children, no job, no food, waiting for an appointment with social security, her father died three weeks ago. It was very hard and sad. I asked where she lived and it was near Eastland. So, I offered food to her, but she had no transportation to come this far. And encouraged her to find a church because "life is too hard to not have help." (that is me quoting myself - something I usually say to people who call our church for financial help - if only they knew how much a church will help people who are part of the community!)
Anyway, we also had a prayer as I prayed for strength and guidance for her.

And then I just got off the phone with Muriel who called from Detroit. Her sister just passed away this morning and she was up visiting her every day and knowing that the end was near. We too talked about how she was feeling and then I prayed a prayer of gratitude and blessing on Muriel and her sister and her whole family during this time.

I never knew when I started out in ministry just how important prayer is. It is a lifeline when you are feeling alone and a source of healing and power for all of us.
And it really doesn't matter whether you are in person or on the phone - it really helps to know that someone cares about you and is praying with and for you.

So, if you are reading this I do request prayers for this cold. You don't have to call - just pray! I am tired of being tired and coughing.

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