Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blessings at Bible Study

I am home from Bible study and feel better than I did all day. There must be something healing about this time that we spend together.

We always start it with each person sharing a blessing. And Kerry had a great one and gave me permission to share.

She went to Cincinnati to be with her family and she planned to actually skip church on Sunday because she didn't want to push her family and make them feel like they had to go to church. Especially her younger sister, Billie, was resistant to the whole church thing.

Which was why it was so surprising that Billie asked her where they were going to go to church on Sunday. So Kerry thought - yes - they were going! Her sister complained about having to dress up for church - and Kerry said - they could wear blue jeans and find a church where people were pearing blue jeans. Her sister also said that she wanted to go for the music and not for the when the music was over - she wanted to leave. The family got into a bit of discussion about this, but Kerry told everyone to leave her alone and it was enough that she would be going to church with them.

So....Sunday morning came and they wore their blue jeans and found a church that people were going into wearing blue jeans. And they had great praise music for about an hour. And Kerry and her sister loved it! Kerry looked over and saw her wiping a tear from her eye. She was touched.

And then - the minister said that her husband was sick and she was not going to preach and that surely they felt the spirit at work in the music this morning. was perfect
a church where she could wear blue jeans
and hear great music
and no preaching
God is good, all the time.

That is what we say every Sunday evening and we certainly said it tonight as we heard Kerry relay this blessing in her life.


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