Monday, August 8, 2011


I am still recovering from the weekend and the wonderful wedding of Marnie And Erik.
It was unadulterated joy for me.

This is what I liked about it

1. Audrey and Caroline came to be part of the day. Audrey drove up from a mission trip in Tennessee and Caroline flew in from Raleigh. It was good to be together.

2. It was a simple wedding. Marnie bought a dress off the rack and had two people standing with her - Addie and Reagan who were the ring bearer and flower girl. Erik's Dad, Howard stood with him.

3. We had only family and very close friends so it did not seem like a "ceremony" as much as a family occasion with those who knew and loved Marnie and Erik

4. Marnie, Erik, Addie and Reagan participated in a "sand ceremony" where each one put different colored sand in a heart shaped jar to signify the creation of a new family of 4 different personalities. It was a meaningful process and a beautiful symbol.

5. Audrey and Dawn played "Groovy kind of love" during the sand ceremony on flute and guitar respectively and it was perfect!

6. Our family joining together is always a wonderful example of God's love and grace as it includes wives and ex wives, step sisters and half brothers. etc. etc.
And we all are not only civil but gracious.

7. The Wedding dinner at the "Spaghetti Warehouse" was delicious and simple. And fun. I was happy to get to spend time with my old sister in law Patti and her daughter Jenna.

8. The wedding cake was great - strawberry cake from a baker in Bethel. Different and delicious

9. The party continued after the dinner for many but Chuck and I got to go home with the grandkids - my preference.

10. Saturday we "hung out at the pool" and just were able to kick back and enjoy the new family that we are as the Shultz and Connors combine. I really enjoy being with Erik's mom and dad and aunt and uncle and his 92 year old grandpa.

What a joy.

We live in a world where there is a lot to be concerned about - like debt ceilings, wars, recessions. There are several people at KRCC who are going through some real health issues. And I guess it is all the more reason for us to make sure that we celebrate the big moments.

And when two people - who have been married before - are ready to try again. To love and cherish and make a life time commitment - to each other and to a new is good to celebrate!

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Pattie said...

I agree! It was beautiful and wonderful. Jenna and I feel so blessed we could be a part of it. I'm also so glad we get to see you and still be family!