Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chautauqua on a Wednesday Evening

Chautauqua on a wednesday evening

I see a boat motoring across Chautauqua lake
two bird kites that are blowing in the wind
the lake itself which is blue and rippling
2 empty sailboats tied to the dock
the green trees that encircle the lake

A little girl on a bike with her helmet on, in a turquoise top and pink shorts rides in my view
She stops, takes off her helmet and rings the bell on the bike
She walks away, leaving the bike

I see Melanie beside me reading a book
I see a butterfly
I see trees between me and the lake ....maple and pine, some large and some small

I see a mom riding her bike
two people in their 70s or 80s on an evening walk
a young man and a young woman talking earnestly at a picnic table

A seagull flies above and past me.

A mom is calling "come home right now!"
Little boys on bikes are yelling:
..." stay on the road"
"how many gears do you have on your bike?"
. "you guys should get a pair of sensible ears!".
"come on let's go!"

The bell tower chimes. It is seven o clock

I am here,
God is here.
We are here together

Can I sit in this peace and beauty and just appreciate it?
A time of enormous blessing and I know it

But always with the awareness of the privilege that is mine.

I find here a place of such serenity, intellectual depth and challenge, spiritual growth, artistic beauty and wish
everyone could have just an evening like this

I thank God for this day and this time and this abundant life.

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