Saturday, February 19, 2011


I am sitting in the family room with Lisa. She is Chuck's daughter who lives in Toledo. We are always happy when she comes to visit.

Right now she is reading the book about Chuck that Marnie put together for his birthday. It is dedicated to her because she was lucky enough to have him as her Dad her whole life.

He is lucky enough to have her as his daughter and I am lucky enough to have her for my "step" daughter.

Lisa is a teacher and a mother and one of the best story tellers I know. One of the reasons I look forward to seeing her is to hear her stories about her life - especially as a teacher. Listening to her I know that teaching is as much of a "calling" as what I do. She cares so much about her kids and she has so clearly made a difference in their lives.

The other reason I love to be with her is that we share a love of Chuck. As she reads through the book we comment on events we have shared and funny things that he has done and said and we know that both of us worry about him and in our own way. - as wife and daughter - cherish him.

I have spent some time this week thinking about divorce as I am watching some couples struggle.
As marriages break up, there is so much pain, anger and bitterness. I have been through that and so has Chuck (and so has Lisa). I don't recommend it, but sometimes divorce is almost inevitable.
We are in the aftermath of divorces and remarriages that happened 20 plus years ago.

Chuck and I are a testimony to love that is so sweet later in life. Lisa and I share the joy of a family that comes out of brokenness and is good and life giving.

I am - as always - grateful for the grace of God.

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