Thursday, December 9, 2010


I just finished doing a reiki treatment for an old friend of one of our members. This is a woman who suffers with anxiety and has trouble sleeping. Her hands were broken out from stress.

We talked about what this would entail - the music, the candles, the laying on of hands, the prayer and - as always - have the disclaimer that it can't hurt. Afterwards she said that her headache was gone and felt so much peace. She was already starting to worry about how long the peace would last - but she felt peace.

Tomorrow I will do a reiki treatment for someone who is having knee surgery next week and Sunday two of our members will do reiki on Lisa who is now in hospice. Two days ago two members of our reiki team did reiki for a young man who had back surgery yesterday.

I am awed by the gift of reiki - the gift of being able to do this particular prayer form. I first learned it in August of 2002 from Sister Breta at Our Lady of the Pines retreat center in Fremont. Now they are no longer able to offer instruction or reiki treatments because the Bishop (?) of the diocese has forbidden it.

So that makes me even more grateful that I was blessed to learn it in a Christian context and have had so many opportunities to do reiki for people. What is most wonderful about it for me is that there are no words - we just do what we have been taught. We cannot control anything - we just lay hands as we have been taught and somehow something happens. At the very least people feel a sense of being loved and at the most there is genuine verifiable change - a headache gone, back pain noticeably diminished, a sense of freedom flowing through a person.

Now, I feel a sense of peace. It is a wonderful respite in the middle of a day of work to be in that kind of holy place.

It is a blessing to serve a church where this kind of ministry is flourishing. Anyone can have a reiki treatment here - no cost - just schedule.

So, anyone who is reading us 614-888-3444 - and make an appointment. It can't hurt!

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