Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I am up too early and getting ready for the big day.
For me, the big day - the big night - is Christmas Eve.
A time to tell the story in songs and in scripture and in symbols.

Sunday I preached about "wonderin." And I said "I wonder about our wonder." I certainly know about wonder in children. I remember being a little girl who could hardly sleep the night before Christmas, so excited about what the morning would bring. I remember the big surprpise - the big reveal - Christmas morning when after breakfast we came to the tree that had so many more presents under it. It was wonderful.

And I remember being a Mom trying to help the girls have that same experience of surprise and delight and wonder at what Santa and family members brought. This year I can only imagine the wonder of Reagan, Addie, Alyse and Jackson - my grandchildren who are aged 5 - 8. Wonder years.

But as we get older, does the sense of wonder fade? That was my sermon on Sunday. For myself this year - the answer is NO. There has been something about singing the songs and seeing the nativity that has really grabbed me. Sometimes I get convicted by my own sermons and this last week was one time - talking and thinking about "coming to the stable" - that event where you know that you are in the presence of the Lord. This season I feel like I have been coming to the stable often. I have been to the stable in my prayer triad as we have shared our struggles and dreams and blessings, in our Bible study, in the home of Lisa who is facing the end of her life. I have come to the stable in hearing people tell their stories and seeing God at work in the midst of an ordinary life. I have come to the stable as I have watched the generosity and goodness of the members of the church. And it does fill me with wonder. And awe.

And so, here I am on Christmas Eve morn and praying that tonight's service will in some way bring people to the stable - to a place of mystery and love and hope as we celebrate again this blessed and wonder full event.

May this be a blessed (and Merry) Christmas.

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