Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Always More

Than meets the eye

I keep finding this in so many ways.  Last night I went to my "dream group" for the second time and learned again about the more.   There were seven people in a beautiful living room and with great anticipation  we listened to the dreams of two people.
After some clarifying questions we began to notice - words that they used, images, and connections.
We listened to the context of the dream and the circumstances of their present life and some of their history.We asked questions that were open ended and wondering - ...If it were my dream I would look at....

And slowly the dream comes into view and something new emerges from these disparate images and words. What seemed random and sometimes odd starts to become meaningful and important and even profound.  There is much more here than just what I ate last night.

And now, on reflection this morning I wonder how much more there is - not only to dreamed events but to lived events..  What happens when I take the time to unpack - not just my dreams, but my life.

Maybe it is useful at times to stop, explore, discover the words, images and connections.
Will I get a glimpse of the hand of the divine one who is here healing, blessing, and guiding me.

My mantra these days: Come Close and Let me Show you.....
Maybe God is saying:
"I want to show you life and beauty and healing and hope and growth that is happening
and most of all I want you to see there is a flow -
Go into my life and trust the flow."

Here is a poem by Edwina Gately that I love

“Let Your God Love You”

Be silent.
Be still.
Before your God
Say nothing.
Ask nothing.
Be silent.
Be still.
Let your God
Look upon you.
That is all.
God knows.
God understands.
God loves you
With an enormous love,
And only wants
To look upon you
With that love.
Let your God –
Love you.
– by Edwina Gateley
from In God’sWomb

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