Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Small Stones

At my "Women Writing for a Change" group last night, we were given a handout called "Small Stones." Fiona Robyn wrote a book Small Stones: A Year of Moments which she describes an observation of the small seemingly ordinary sightings that we might miss that she calls "palpable moments of carefully observed grace."

Our assignment last night was to just review our day and notice 3 of the  small stones that we had experienced that day.  And express them with a few words or sentences.  The three suggestions were
1. a small stone in nature
2. a small stone in a relationship
3. a small stone which we might have overlooked.

As usual, I always begin exercises like this with inward panic.  I won't be able to come up with anything.  But as I sat there I remembered just looking out the window yesterday and seeing the surprise of the beautiful heavy snow that suddenly was pouring out of the sky.  For a moment it was like we were in a snow globe.

My relationship "small stone" was the surprise of seeing a ham sandwich and diet coke in my car just as I was leaving for class.  Prepared thoughtfully by my husband and placed right by my side.

And the small stone that I overlooked had been how engaged I became yesterday writing for the class.  I literally lost track of time - which is such a gift.

Our assignment it to just collect one "small stone" each day this week which will be used in some way in a further exerciize at the next class. As I look ahead to the coming of Lent, I think I will use this as a Lenten project -  spending time with scriptures and looking for small stones and writing about them in this blog.  We will see what happens.

Here is what Fiona Robyn writes

"I decided to look for a small stone every day for a year....they are nothing special and something special all at once.  As time went on, I got better at remembering to notice the world around me.  Not just to notice it but to scrutinize it, engage with it, love it.  My eyes, ears, nose mouth and hands opened up."

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