Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Red Cup

There has been quite a bit of conversation about the red cups for Christmas at Starbucks.

I don't really get it.  Because why would anyone expect a secular corporation to espouse Christianity in a pluralistic nation.  Makes no sense to me at all.

But some in our denomination have called for us to write about the red cup that is central to our faith - and that is our chalice. And that is the red cup that matters to me.

It is  our denominational identity because we are people of the table - and communion is central to our worship.  As a pastor and preacher, I  appreciated that fact on a  very personal way. When we came to worship on Sunday - even if the sermon was not speaking to a person - communion was always present and gives us an occasion of spiritual sustenance.  Because it is more than just the material eating a piece of bread or cracker and a taste of wine or juice. Communion - the cup - represents a life of self giving love embodied in Jesus Christ and a living presence in that moment.

And whatever I write about "The Red Cup" is going to be inadequate because it is always more.
The question of our lives is "Can we drink the cup?"  Or are we willing to continue on this journey of following the way of Jesus and allowing God to change us from the inside out?

As I continue on my retreat in Daily Life I keep learning that God is never done with us.  I have spent time with Psalm 51 this morning and found myself stuck on this verse:

"Give me again the joy that comes from your salvation
And make me willing to obey you"

Here I am - 66 years old - and I am learning again that to be a "Disciple" means that I am willing have discipline in making choices about time and money so that what I do truly reflects God's desires for my life and for this world.  Drinking from this Red Cup does lead to joy, salvation, peace and fulfillment.  But it requires times of confession and forgiveness, commitment and love.

Can we  drink this cup?  It is life changing.

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