Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Retreat in Daily Life

I am on my fourth week of participating in a 30 week "Retreat in Daily Life" and it  is interesting and always in the background of my days.  I begin every day with an hour of prayer - which involves reading, writing, reflecting, meditating, and just being with God.

So far, every week has a different focus and I find myself during the day having moments of thinking about it.  This week, we are looking at people that we admire  - who "show us the way?" They are people whose life story and frequently writings have inspired me - like Joan Chittister, Henri Nouwen, Mother Teresa, Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  And people who I know personally, whose lives intersect with mine and I admire them.  There are many and - serendipitously? - I find myself encountering some of them this week.   This week seems to be about freedom and recognizing what they are freed from and what they are freed for.

Last night at book group we listened to a story by David Sedaris called "Us and Them" in which he spoke about growing up with  some  neighbors they thought were very odd because  they didn't have a TV.  It was very funny but it truly spoke to me about the ways that TV and other media have formed us and often limit and constrict  our lives. I for one know that it is easier to turn on the TV to decompress or fill an hour than to read, pray, write or even reach out to a friend.  And that is just one example of how "unfree" I am!

What I know is that this time of reflection is doing something with me - working on me in a gentle way to identify that MORE that God has for me in this life.    One of the scriptures for this week is Romans 8:26-30.  I keep coming back to this very:
"We know that God is always at work for the good of everyone who loves him."
This retreat is helping me to be open to the work God is doing.  What a blessing.

Note:  Anyone can participate in it.  It is found on this website - www.Creighton.edu.org
"Retreat in Daily Life"  Check it out.

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