Tuesday, July 28, 2015

With Addie

With Addie

I am  at the French Quarter Holiday Inn in Perrysburg, Ohio.  Addie is sleeping in the room and I am having coffee outside the room in the "courtyard.". From where I sit I can see the ping pong tables where we played last night, the swimming pool with it's fountain and basketball hoops, pool tables, and the sliding doors of the rooms surrounding this space.

It is good to be here.  It is good to be with Addie.  It is good to be away from home.

Brian moved in on Saturday evening.  He is slowly getting settled in and we are slowly "figuring it out" and adapting to a new normal. And one part of that is just having  a third person in our home.  I have certainly become comfortable with my routines and they are having to change.

Brian is fragile and anxious about his future, and I find myself anxious as well. We will have to find support people to help us and it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  For all of that, this trip with Addie is a breathing space for me that is a blessing.

We are living all the things I preach about and believe in. I think we are answering a call to provide radical hospitality and I know it is already stretching me.  It is certainly easier to preach this than live it!

So in this moment, this morning I remember God's providence and promise which is that in the wilderness, there will be manna for this day and my faith assures me that I will receive it again tomorrow. Daily bread that is not stored but assured.

Today is going to be Addie Day and we will swim, play skip Bo and ping pong this morning, go the the zoo this afternoon and home this evening.
I hope she will receive   from me what every child needs at times: attention from someone who loves her unconditionally.

And hopefully I will continue to remember that God is always present with me.  Giving me - not only attention and unconditional love - but also bread for my journey as I prepare to dive back into my call to love Brian and be part of his healing in my home.

May it be so

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