Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A House of Prayer

The texts of today continue with the theme of the building and the life of the Temple. (Ezra 6: 1-16, Psalm 84 and Mark 11:15-19)

In Mark we have another picture of Jesus driving out "those who were selling and those who were buying in the temple" and he said - "My house shall be called house of prayer for all the nations."

Interestingly, just this morning as I sat in my prayer room, I thought how much I miss praying with others at church.  Prayer is an important part of what we do together.  I found myself thinking about
  • Holding hands with the worship leader and elders and praying before worship in my office
  • Holding hands and praying with the Bible study at the end of our time together
  • Praying in the morning during Advent and Lent - in silence with Ruthie and Gerrie and Kerry and Gail and others who would come during that time.
  • Praying after staff meeting
  • The prayers of the elders during worship at the table
  • Holding hands and praying The Lord's Prayer after communion.
What I know now more than ever is that my faith is strengthened through prayer in community.  It is nice that I have the time and a place in my home to pray - "my prayer room."  But there is something profound and powerful that happens when believers come together and pray.

While in the local church we do not have moneychanges any more, we can lose sight of the fact that it is our praying that needs to be central to our life together.  It is easy to find ourselves caught up in a lot of activity that takes away from God's call to love, peace, wholeness and justice.  It is prayer that transforms people and a community.

Today I see my spiritual director and tomorrow my peer group from Wellstreams gather with me, so I have the comfort of that time of prayer.  My prayer for myself and others is that we might find our Temples - our people of prayer - our community - as we continue on our journeys.

Another Blessing by Maxine

May the God who forms COMMUNITY be with you.
May you engage this God in mutual attention to what is holy and fulfilling for the other, to what brings joy and delight and depth of understanding.
May your communion with this god move you to growth in your inner spirit and to warmth and compassion for a world that awaits connection with its Creator.
May the God of COMMUNITY bless you all your days.

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