Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Awaken Me

I like this and thought I would share it.  It is best read aloud!

"Awaken Me"  by Joyce Rupp

Risen One,
come, meet me
 in the garden of my life.
Lure me into elation,
Revive my silent hope,
Coax my dormant dreams,
Raise up my neglected gratitude,
Entice my tired enthusiasm,
Give life to my faltering relationships,
Roll back the stone of my indifference.
Unwrap the deadness in my spiritual life.
Impart heartiness in my work.
Risen One,
send me forth as a disciple of your unwavering love,
a messenger
of your unlimited joy.
Resurrected one,
may I become
ever more convinced
that your presence lives on,
and on, and on,
and on.
Awaken me!


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