Monday, September 8, 2014

Outdoor Worship

Yesterday morning we worshiped outside in the garden behind the church.  This picture was taken by Kim Veatch during the service.  It turns out that, like me, she was struck by the clouds moving across a very blue sky throughout the service.

I found myself thinking about change and mortality.  The day before I had attended the funeral of my seminary and clergy sister, Deb Hayden.  We had graduated from Methodist Theological School in Ohio with M Div's in 1985 and our lives would intersect periodically throughout the next 25 + years.  I remember babysitting each other's kids and conversations during regional assemblies and coming together at various times.  It is always sobering to lose your peers - especially those younger than you.

At the same time, as we sit outside it is clear that the changes of life are more than losing people.  It is also the new life that is constant and unrelenting.  In the past month I have watched Marnie give birth to her third daughter (and my 5th grandchild) and Audrey  do a career switch in going back into the classroom after over a decade away.  Change and new life.  And that is just in my family. 

The blessing of being part of a church "family" is that you can see the growth and new life in so many ways.  Yesterday our speakers at church were Dave and Anna Young who talked about faith in the workplace - Dave, in his 50's and Anna in her 20's both had wisdom to share about discipline, gratitude and prayer to get through the stresses of daily life. 

What is clear to me as I sit and watch the clouds move and form and re-form in the sky is that change is inevitable and is part of life and growth.  And it is often difficult.  So, as always, I am grateful for faith that reminds me that God is the constant in my life and our lives.

And that God brings us to change and through change and enables us to have the strength to begin and begin again.  After death, after a new job, after whatever changes have come our way.

God is good,  all the time.

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