Saturday, July 19, 2014

Margaret Rose

On July 18th at 1:32 AM Margaret Rose Schultz came into this world.
And I am still awed by the miracle of it all!

Here are some of the blessings of these past 2 days:

 - being with a large family that gathered to support Marnie and Erik through the labor.  We spent about 10 hours together in the waiting room at Riverside Hospital - playing cards, eating, talking, watching "Big Brother", and going back and forth to see them and report on progress. 

 - much of our communication in the last hour was through text.  As I look back over my cell phone - here is what Erik wrote: "I think we are getting close"  and 20 minutes later  "We're pushing" and then 20 minutes later: "She's here and beautiful!".  And we in the waiting room we erupt in laughter and cheers!

 - nine of us were there at 2  clock in the morning when we got to have our first glimpse of Maggie and hold her.  For me,  it was so wonderful to watch this family - Reagan, Addie, Marnie and Erik welcome her. 

 - being part of a church family that so obviously cares about us.  This has been Vacation Bible School Week so every day there have been questions and prayers for everyone.

 - watching Reagan and Addie as they got ready for their little sister.  They have been so gentle with her and delighted to hold her, feed her and change her.

 - seeing Erik as a new dad.  He is a wonderful step dad to Reagan and Addie and to see him hold Maggie  and care for her fills me with joy that is beyond description.

- so a new family member has arrived  and she is already bringing people together and changing us in ways that we cannot  imagine.  I continue to be awed by God's movement in our lives that brings healing and wholeness and love and life.

Margaret Livingstone (margot ) holding Margaret Rose (Maggie)

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Kay McGlinchey said...

How wonderful! Congratulations Grandma. No greater thrill or miracle. Love you much. Kay