Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Catching UP

We all have seasons in our lives.  Sometimes we go through seasons of grieving, or sickness and suffering and sometimes it is seasons of joy and celebration.

My personal life has been full of the latter in the past month and I have not posted much about it.
.  There have been three major events that have occurred and I celebrate them and am awed by how I continue to see God at work.

The first is the WEDDING.  Miranda and Audrey were legally married in Washington DC last October in a service which was very small - only the two moms, two friends and a minister. Last month we had the big family and friends wedding in Glascow Kentucky.  It was a wonderful weekend and provided an opportunity for a family reunion and for all of us to witness this marriage.  Because these are two women getting married, there was, to me, a deeper sense of the importance of  support as they will live their lives in a world in which not everyone approves.  This gathering also had many moments of grace and reconciliation.  Our family has been divided by divorce and death and there is just something about all of us being together on the dance floor that is so healing and so good. I am amazed when I consider that it was only 10 years ago that Audrey "came out" to me.  I have watched her during that time struggle and grow. She has been through  trials both in answering God's call to ministry  and finding love.  And the challenge of being a lesbian ordained pastor continues, but the love question has been resolved.  Miranda is such a wonderful partner for her - strong, organized, fun and faithful.  I feel so happy about their union.

the second is the BAPTISM.  I had the rare gift of baptizing my granddaughter Reagan two weeks after the wedding.  She has been through our "pastor's class" and that also was a real joy to me to get to share my faith with her and to watch her as she really begins to understand about being a follower of Jesus Christ.  The baptism was another opportunity of bringing family members together that just heartens my spirit.  It was a day of great blessing for me.

And the third was the SHOWER.  Kacey and Dawn put together a shower for my daughter Marnie who is expecting her third baby.  And it was just fun to watch the variety of women in Marnie's life come together to  celebrate a new baby.  The baby is due next month and I am eagerly awaiting her arrival and so aware of the blessing of a new life that is desired and welcome.  Every baby should be as loved as this one already is.

I think I have not written so much lately because there has been so much good.  The one thing I find myself thinking more and more lately is how much I wish my parents could see what is happening in the life of my children and my grandchildren.  They would love it!

When my parents died I learned that it is actually easier to talk about bad news with friends than it is to celebrate the good news. But this blog is a record for me of my life and I need to honor these remarkable blessings of this spring in my life.

A new marriage, a new life in Christ, a new baby.  New beginnings all!

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