Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Stress Free Thanksgiving

That is my hope for everyone today. Certainly I am having one. What a blessing.

I think back to many stress FULL Thanksgivings. There have been many reasons for that:
- I remember Thanksgivings in the Gersen family and there was always stress around whether or not the turkey was done. And was everything going to come out at the same time. My Mom was an anxious hostess and put a lot of pressure on herself - which of course we all got to experience. Last night I watched Top Chef and one of the chefs prepared a turkey that wasn't completely done, so it must be a universal stress.

- I also remember Thanksgivings when I was a young Mom and worried about the behavior and eating habits of my three girls at the table. I felt responsible and anxious myself.

- And then there was the issue of football and whether to watch it and who was going to clean up? I think I grew up in a family where there was guilt but not clear enough assignments or something.

But now, I am a Grandma and best of all I am married to Chuck. Once he came into my life the Thanksgivings all became much easier. Now he smokes the turkey and it was ready yesterday and it will be delicious today.

I have gotten to the point where I want everyone to be happy doing whatever they want. If the kids don't want to eat - that is fine, if other want to watch football, that is fine, and certainly if I am needed in the kitchen - I know that someone will let me know.

So, this morning I spent time in my prayer room experiencing gratitude for the ways in which my life is easier on every level. Thankful that Kacey and Audrey are together in Lynchburg, Virginia and that my brothers are together in Hanover, New Hampshire and that I get to be with Marnie and Erik and his family in Columbus.

And it is peaceful, stressless and really a holiday.

I am aware of the blessing of maturity and the abundant life that i have been given.
My prayer is that this day is blessing for all.

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Marnie said...

Great Thanksgiving. The smoked turkey is the way to go!!! So fun tonight!