Sunday, November 6, 2011

Morning Ruminations

we got an extra hour today to sleep in or, in my case, to get up early and get things done!
Things meaning, for me, my sermon. And I actually have time to write and pray this morning.

Today we celebrate All Saints Day in worship which I really look forward to.
We will light candles in memory of the saints who have died in the past year and provide an opportunity for anyone to light a candle in memory of anyone.

What I know is that grief goes on well past the year our loved one has died.
Tom, my sister's husband, is visiting this weekend and it has been such a gift to me and to Chuck. But I really find myself missing Ellen. Friday night the girls came over for dinner and I remarked we would have drunk more wine if Ellen had been here!
But that is just a part of it. I miss her humor, her stories and the blessing of the shared history of sister. And I cannot imagine how hard these years have bee for Tom and Sam and Sarah and Sean.
So we light a candle this morning and I remember her and I know I miss her.

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Kacey said...

I miss her, too. Hard to believe it's been so long.