Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Contemplative prayer and a poem

I start this day with ten minutes of contemplative prayer. That is our homework assignment for this week in our class on "everything belongs" by Richard Rohr.
Last week it was 5 mints daily and now it is 10. And it is not easy this morning. Thoughts and plans and issues swirl around in my head. I can't get comfortable. How long so far? My mind wanders from here to there.
I try to concentrate on my breathing and find some sort of mantra. I am a mess and then
Suddenly I experience presence, a sense of love and everything else fades into the background.
Prayer is a gift and moves from burden to blessing. It is grace.

A quote from the book: "Therapy heals our disconnections from this problem, from this person, from this difficult emotion.
Prayer heals our split from life itself. It heals our disconnectedness from the deepest stream itself."

Here is a poem by Mary Oliver


It doesn't have to be
The blue iris, it could be
Weeds in a vacant lot, or a few
Small stones; just
Pay attention, then patch

A few words together and don't try
To make them elaborate, this isn't
A contest but the doorway

Into thanks, and a silence in which
Another voice may speak


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