Thursday, March 31, 2011

this and that

I had someone stop by my office and mention that I had not written lately and so, I really must keep up for all my readers :)

Three great blessings of my life during that time

1. Funeral in Kokomo. On Friday Chuck and I traveled to Kokomo to particpate in the funeral for my friend Susan's mother. It was such a blessing to be with Susan and Ken and her son Lucas, wife Melissa and new baby Mac. I have exactly one friend who has known me since I was 18 - and that is Susan. She was my college roommate at Hanover College, fellow English major and truly friend for life. She and I are extremely funny together - just ask us! And have shared it all together.

I remember being at the Elk's Club in Madison Indiana with our parents when we were 19 years old. My father got such a kick out of her and it was just great all around. And now all the parents are gone - and we are left as friends and grandmothers together. I had this moment looking at her and Ken in the limo coming home from the graveside and saw their faces now and remembered their faces then and it was so poignant.

The great blessing of funerals is hearing the story of the life of the person who has died and in the remembering I am frequently awed by what they have been through in order to become who they are. And this was certainly the case with Susan's mom.
Our parents are from the "greatest generation" who lived through depression and World War 2 and have had some experiences - fortunately - we did not have. And it really does form us. All of this is interesting to me.

2. COSI - Chuck and I finally got to COSI on Monday. We have been here 7 years and have never gone. We joined Kacey, Jackson and Alyse for a really fun time together. Jackson and Alyse have more energy than I can remember that my kids ever had. They literally run everywhere and sort of leap around on benches and up and under railings - it is remarkable being with them. In addition to that, COSI is full of exhibits and teachings and hands on projects and noise and people. It was an overwhelming experiencs of sights and sounds.

There was an Adventure Treasure Hunt that was clever and almost too much - we had to find clues and put things together. It was awesome. I liked the gadgets, Space world, playing outside, and most of all being with the kids. By the end of the day, Chuck and I were wiped OUT!

3. My Book - I have a "synthesis project" due for my Wellstreams Class. And I opted to "write a book." Which really isn't true - it is more like "put a book together."
Using shutterfly on the computer I have put a book together that I titled: "Becoming a Contemplative Pastor." It is a series of 12 images that have been important to me during the three years of being in the Wellstreams program to become a spiritual director.

I finished the book last week and got a copy and made some changes to it and have order about 6 more copies. I have always wanted to write a book and I knew that this was my opportunity to put in writing and gather together pictures and quotes of what this journey has been about for me. It is extremely personal but I think there is a lot that is universal in the images.

So, a sense of great satisfaction and awe at the process because it has all kind of flowed together - the creating the book and the inner transformation of the "Wellstreams Journey."

As usual - a rich and full time in my life - glad to have an opportunity to reflect on it here.


Kacey said...

COSI was fun--and you are right about their energy. They were NOT wiped out after that trip. :)

ELYSSA said...

Thanks for the update. I hadn't seen you on here or FB in awhile and was worried!