Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fully human, fully alive

I am getting ready for tomorrow and preaching on being beloved by God.

I found myself drawn to the book "Fully human, Fully alive" by John powell.
His thesis of the book is that becoming fully alive is all about our vision and the fact that human beings can change their lives as they change their vision of life, themselves and others.. ThIs is not a new idea, of course, but he writes with such clarity.

i thiught I would share his view of the supplies and equipment that are required for this journey to becoming fulky human, fully alive.

1.Openness and flexibility. You must believe with all your heart that you do not possess all truth in proper perspective. You must be ready to be questioned by life.
2. Sensory and emotional awareness. "you will have to hear what your body is saying- when it is tired and when it is tense."
3. A friend -confidant-someone to whom you can ve totally open
4. A journal so that we can record events and our emotional reactions to them
5. Times of quiet reflection -it is the presence of threat in some form that distorts our vision. Times to relax, review and re evaluate help us to have our vision expand
6.The stretch marks of risk and revision-which means to act on our insights and try new behavior "doing initiates a learning process."

I have outlined what he writes about in pages and pages, but he writes to: read and see what you need to acquire.
And for me, it always a challenge to stay open to what God is trying to teach me.
I know it is easy to numb myself and become compulsive in doing rather than aware of what is really going on within me.
I think this is good stuff. Chew on it.

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